The Burj Khalifa is highest building in the world located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Did you know the secret of the phenomenal of highest tower? Don't miss to read the secret of Burj Dubai with photos and gallery.

Below the some of secret behind of the "Burj Dubai":

1. Hyder Consulting’s technical accuracy and execution of high building standards work on Burj Dubai won ‘Innovation of the Year’ award at the British Expertise International Awards in London. Realty experts belive that Burj Dubai property prices may appreciate 10 to 15 percent per annum over time.

2. Heavy works on the landscaping as the opening is in two weeks, and the 11-hectare park surrounding the Burj Dubai needs to be ready by that time.

3. Only one week left until the official inauguration of Burj Dubai. The party will start at 5PM local time at Dec 28, 2009.

4. At Dec 31, 2009, Imre has climbed to the very top of Burj Dubai.
And many more.

Check out the Burj Dubai photos and gallery below:
Burj Dubai Photos Collection
Burj Khalifa Dubai Gallery


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